Monday, October 20, 2008

Ahh October!

Yes it is October again. The leaves are turning lovely shades of red, yellows and even deep purple. The tree outside my window is again, bright yellow, so bright it casts a glow in my apartment.

This year, I am a bit sad. I long for a back yard, heck, any yard. I want to rake a pile of fluffy maple or oak leaves and jump on in. I remember the HUGE piles of leaves we would rake up as a kid, play all day, and have to rake them up again.

As an adult, I now realize the wondrous activity of jumping into a pile of leaves is nothing but an adults ploy to get kids to rake the leaves. Still, it is something I want to do, but cannot.

October in Minnesota also marks the start of the bird migrations. My cats, Kiya with one eye, and Zoee with three usable legs, sit on the back of my sofa, barking at the birds. I call it barking because it is a pathetic excuse for a meow. Like it is to draw the birds closer to them. Their pupils dilated, tails flicking, mouths drooling, they bark.... and bark ..... and bark.

Soon the trick or treaters will come, I miss out on that too, and before I know it, tofurkey time will be upon us again!

For now....

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